Convene, Connect, Catalyze Action

Our coalition of nonprofits, public agencies, and Indigenous Tribes stands together during this extraordinary time. This moment brings with it numerous challenges. Together Bay Area is here to support and connect us, so that we can meet these challenges with the energy and innovation for which our region is known.

In partnership with our members, we are: 

  • Coordinating a regional public education campaign about public health and public lands
  • Convening Virtual Gatherings to tell stories, share information, and connect regionally
  • Facilitating issue-specific Community Conversations 
  • Connecting with leaders in Sacramento through rapidly evolving and uncertain times
  • Providing regional coordination and guidance around shifting economic and policy priorities
  • Collaborating to develop responsive, values-driven public lands policy through regional data-sharing (including leveraging the Conservation Lands Network) relationship-building, and analysis

Learn more and join us. 

Regional public education campaign about public health and public lands 

We need to communicate loudly and quickly to the general public about the risks of overcrowding the region’s public lands (parks, trails, beaches, open spaces, etc). We need to reduce the number of park visitors to overcrowded public lands (parks, trails, beaches, open spaces, etc) and change human behavior to prevent spread of COVID-19.

To do this, we developed:

  • Clear messaging that is easy to understand by the general public
  • A plan to disseminate the messages as broadly as we can.

Virtual Gatherings to tell stories and connect regionally

You are invited to participate in one or more Virtual Gatherings that we will convene in the coming weeks. Each Gathering will have a theme, speakers, and time for Q&A. In addition, we will record the Gatherings so you can watch them on your own time.

Next Virtual Gathering: Webinar with Sam Schuchat, California Coastal Conservancy, Monday, April 13

Many of TOGETHER Bay Area’s members – and many others too – rely on bond funding, including State Coastal Conservancy grants, in order to fulfill their organizations’ missions. In light of the economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, many of the nonprofits, agencies, and Tribes in our coalition are wondering what will happen to business as usual. How will grant administration be impacted? How do we think about the coming weeks and months in terms of funding program availability and timing? How will the state prioritize resource management during this time?
Join us on April 13 from 10-11am for a webinar conversation with Sam Schuchat, Executive Officer of the State Coastal Conservancy, a non-regulatory agency charged with protecting and stewarding more than 800 miles of California coastline. Sam has served in this role since 2001, leading this important partner and funding agency in improving public access, restoring coastal watersheds, and protecting critical coastal resources. The SCC administers several heavily subscribed funding programs, including the Bay Area Conservancy Program, which funds multi-benefit, high-impact projects and programs anywhere in the Bay Area’s nine counties.

  • Monday, April 13 from 10am-11am
  • Zoom webinar — details will be sent to those that RSVP

Past Virtual Gatherings include:

  • Friday, 4/3 with nonprofit fundraising expert Kim Klein, author of Fundraising for Social Change and Fundraising in Times of Crisis. Watch it here.
  • Monday, 3/30 with a virtual water cooler conversation where we talked about what’s happening regionally, how we work from home, and how we can support each other. See the links that were shared here
  • Thursday, 3/26 webinar about the Conservation Lands Network 2.0 in partnership with the CA Coastal Conservancy. Watch it here.
  • Thursday, 3/26 about public health with Dr Nooshin Razani and Dr Curtis Chan. Watch it here
  • Tuesday, 3/24 with stories from Eric Aaholm (YES! Nature to Neighborhoods), Nicole Braddock (Solano Land Trust), Max Korten (Marin County Parks), Kellyx Nelson (San Mateo RCD), Yakuta Poonawalla (Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy). 

We propose the following guiding principles as we come together as a region:

  • Productive and positive – we are supporting each other, finding solutions
  • Respect each others’ different needs, experiences, and boundaries
  • Give and get – offer support and take only what you need
  • Think community – we are focusing on common issues, questions, and concerns for the good of the group

Questions? Email Suzanne Beahrs at [email protected]

Community Conversations on specific topics

You have questions. We are here to help. Sign up to join a Community Conversation on the topic you want to discuss and find answers about. 

Habitat stewardship projects while sheltering-in-place
What are essential services and operations? How do we keep employees and volunteers safe? How do we make progress on our work while sheltering-in-place? This includes monitoring, stewardship, and other ‘in the field” work.

Nonprofit fundraising, scenario planning, and hard decisions
How do we adjust fundraising goals, expectations, activities? How do we think about the coming weeks and months in terms of revenue? How do we make the hard decisions about expenses with so much unknown?


Public health and public lands

How do we keep people safe and healthy? How are parks and public lands part of the solution to this crisis? 

We encourage you to self-organize. Start an email chain, schedule a conference call, post documents to the shared Google Drive folder. If you want help convening a call, or reaching out to more people, please email [email protected]

Our two programs

Advocacy for Transformational Funding and Policies

The goal of this program is to transform how we as a region create resilient lands and people in the face of climate change while working towards justice and equity. We convene a Policy Committee of our members and we take collective action. 

Convening a Powerful Coalition

The goal of this program is to build the relationships that support the environmental and social changes required for resilient lands and people. 

Data and stories are incorporated throughout our programs.

The Conservation Lands Network (CLN) is a regional conservation strategy for the San Francisco Bay Area, with a set of goals and science-based decision making tools that support strategic investments in land protection and stewardship. These tools focus conservation in areas that represent the region’s biodiversity and support ecological function across the nearly 5 million acres that comprise the 10 Bay Area counties. Updated in November 2019, CLN 2.0 equips the Bay Area to respond to climate change, connect landscapes, and connect upland and bayland conservation.

The CLN was launched in 2005 by the Bay Area Open Space Council and will continue with Together Bay Area in order to leverage data, tell stories, and make the case for resilient lands. 

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