Convene, Connect, and Catalyze Action

TOGETHER Bay Area was built to connect, convene, and catalyze action so that we can meet today’s challenges with the energy and innovation for which our region is known. Our Framework for Justice, Equity, and Belonging guides how the Board, staff, and members of TOGETHER Bay Area participate in the organization’s programs such that we center equity, work for justice, and ensure that everyone belongs.

Our two programs

Advocacy for Transformational Funding and Policies

The goal of the Advocacy Program is to harness the collective power of our members to shape and secure transformational public funding and policies that support TOGETHER Bay Area’s mission at the state and federal levels.

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Convening a Powerful Coalition

The goal of our Convening Program is to build the relationships that support the environmental and social changes required for resilient lands and people. We also want to increase collaboration and our collective ability to respond to challenges and rise to opportunities. 

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Advocacy Program

We are working hand in hand with our members to create a more equitable, resilient San Francisco Bay Area, from the ridgelines to the Bay shoreline. We advocate for social equity, healthy lands – including working lands, public and private lands, and urban and rural lands – and for equitable public access to nature.

Our 2022 Policy Priorities identifies the issues and goals we will focus on in 2022. The 2022 Policy Priorities were developed by with leadership from our Policy Committee and Board of Directors, and with input from our members. 

Our members, through our Policy Committee, actively participate in and contribute to TOGETHER Bay Area’s Advocacy Program.  The Committee ensures that the Advocacy Program’s goals and activities remain aligned with our mission and values. The Committee helps us advocate effectively towards our policy priorities, and does so through values-driven, collaborative, inclusive participation of our coalition’s members.

Regional reports

Bay Area Green Stimulus Opportunities

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reshape how we live together on this planet because of the public health and economic crises we’re facing. Our members are part of the solution and this report makes that case.

Our findings reveal that with investment from the State, our members could create at least 10,500 new jobs with more than 620 projects throughout the 10 counties that would in turn directly or indirectly serve all 7.7 million residents. 

Conservation Lands Network

The Conservation Lands Network (CLN) is a regional conservation strategy for the San Francisco Bay Area, with a bold but achievable goal of conserving 50% of the Bay Area’s ecosystems by 2050 and a science-based pathway for achieving it. It features decision making tools that support strategic investments in land protection and stewardship.

The CLN focuses on conservation in areas that represent the region’s biodiversity and support ecological function across the nearly 5 million acres that comprise the 10 Bay Area counties. Updated in November 2019, CLN 2.0 equips the Bay Area to respond to climate change, connect landscapes, and connect upland and bayland conservation.

The CLN was launched in 2005 by the Bay Area Open Space Council and will continue with TOGETHER Bay Area in order to leverage data, tell stories, and make the case for resilient lands. 

Convene Program

Join us at an upcoming event or watch one of our past events. Participate in a community conversation. Connect, share, learn, coordinate. Our events are made possible by TOGETHER Bay Area’s members.

Upcoming Events

We are planning a two-day experience for everyone working for climate resilient lands and equity in the Bay Area on May 18-19, 2022 at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond. Yes, we are planning to hold this in-person in a very spacious and airy indoor space! We will follow CDC and CDPH guidelines and do everything we can to provide a safe and engaging experience for all attendees.

We’re intentionally calling it a retreat because we want to create space for connection and reconnection, reflection and re-imagination, and ideas and inspiration. The Spring Together Retreat will be participatory in a variety of ways, and your participation starts now.

Please participate in the planning by sharing with us your ideas and perspectives in this quick survey. We want to hear from you! How can we bring you joy and help you feel safe and supported? What questions should we organize speakers and activities around? Your input will help us host a retreat to remember.

Connecting Urban Biodiversity project

In 2022 we are launching an exploration that incorporates community science and iNaturalist, conservation science and the Conservation Lands Network, equity and disadvantaged communities, and urban creeks and watersheds. The project is a collaboration between TOGETHER Bay Area and the California Academy of Sciences, with funding from the State Coastal Conservancy.

Past Events

Some of our latest events are below. All of our past events (and there are many!) can be found on our YouTube channel

Implementing 30×30 in the Bay Area: Strategies and Resources

Governor Newsom has set a goal to conserve 30% of lands and waters by 2030. The Executive Order includes provisions for economic sustainability, food security, biodiversity, climate resilience, and equitable access to the outdoors. What does all of this mean for the Bay Area? And how can our region collaborate on and fast-track its implementation? 

Join us for a conversation with Moira McEnespy, program manager of CA Coastal Conservancy’s Bay Program, and Tom Robinson, project lead for the Conservation Lands Network, to learn about critical success factors for implementing the state’s initiative and reaching our regional goals.

Fall, 2021: Together Tuesdays – Biodiversity, Equity, & Indigenous Leadership

On three Tuesday afternoons in the fall of 2021, we hosted showcases of 16 TOGETHER members’ work plus happy hours. 

May 10-13, 2021: Spring Summit – Inter(Action)

We convened a 3-day interactive online conference with 25 speakers, a live DJ, chatrooms, and hundreds of attendees.

October 1-2, 2020: Fall Forum – What Just Happened? What Comes Next?

We convened 7 sessions over two days to reflect on the challenges of 2020, to discuss jobs and wildfire, and to mingle with other attendees. 

See the TOGETHER Bay Area YouTube channel for more webinars and events.

Community Conversations 

Since March 2020 we have been facilitating regular conversations with communities of people around the issues they face and the opportunities of the moment. These are open, honest conversations with peers from around the region where we can listen, problem-solve, and support each other. 

Some of the community conversations we facilitate include: 

  • Senior leaders at public land management agencies
  • Nonprofit executive directors
  • Data about fire on the landscape
  • Stewardship and belonging
  • Collecting and gathering permits for Indigenous Peoples
  • Communications and public affairs