Convene, Connect, and Catalyze Action

You’re invited to look at the past year with us. Click on the links to watch/rewatch and read/reread some of the things we produced this year. This is what TOGETHER Bay Area is convening, connecting, and catalyzing!

TOGETHER Bay Area was built to connect, convene, and catalyze action so that we can meet today’s challenges with the energy and innovation for which our region is known. Our Framework for Justice, Equity, and Belonging guides how the Board, staff, and members of TOGETHER Bay Area participate in the organization’s programs such that we center equity, work for justice, and ensure that everyone belongs.

The goal of the Advocacy Program is to harness the collective power of our members to shape and secure transformational public funding and policies that support TOGETHER Bay Area’s mission at the state level.

The goal of our Convening Program is to build the relationships that support the environmental and social changes required for resilient lands and people. We also want to increase collaboration and our collective ability to respond to challenges and rise to opportunities. 


In the Press

Photo: Jennifer Hale