You are invited to this monthly, online, and FREE event series in the fall of 2022!

Together Tuesdays will feature fast-paced showcases of TOGETHER Bay Area member projects plus some fun and games. Each showcase will highlight five 5-minute presentations from which you can get a delicious taste of what’s happening around the region on three hot topics: urban biodiversity conservation, green jobs and workforce development for climate resilience, and 30×30. Our members will tell stories, celebrate successes, and wow you with their strategy and innovation. You’ll meet new people, connect with colleagues, know more than you did when you arrived, and leave with a smile on your face.

Save the dates!

Plan to attend one, two, or all three from the comfort of your home, office, or other wifi-friendly location:

  • September 13 from 4:00-5:30pm about Urban Biodiversity Conservation and Community Building
  • October 11 from 4:00-5:30pm about Green Jobs and Workforce Development for Climate Resilience
  • November 1 from 4:00-5:30pm about California’s 30×30

Together Tuesdays will be held via Zoom. The waiting room doors will open at 3:50pm so come early because there might be dancing.

Registration to attend will open on August 30. 

Calling all TOGETHER Bay Area members!

Let’s tell the world about the great work that you’re doing!

Participate in the fast-paced and high-energy showcases where 5 organizations will present for 5 minutes each. Each Together Tuesday will be held on Zoom from 4:00-5:30pm. We invite you to submit a proposal to present on one of these dates about one of these topics:

  • September 13: Urban Biodiversity Conservation and Community Building – tell us about a project that your organization is leading to increase and support biodiversity in urban settings. What habitats are you conserving, and how are you building connectivity into the plan? How are you engaging the community in stewardship and monitoring? 
  • October 11: Green Jobs and Workforce Development for Climate Resilience – tell us about a project that your organization is leading to build and retain a skilled and diverse workforce. How is your organization creating green jobs, and what are those jobs? How are you welcoming people of all kinds and backgrounds into your organization? What is your organization doing to train, onboard, and retain staff? 
  • November 1: Achieving California’s 30×30 Goal – tell us about a project that your organization is leading to conserve biodiversity, increase equitable access, and build climate resilience. Tell us about a project that will advance California’s 30×30 goals as guided by the Pathways document. Bonus for showcasing a project from this 30×30 Projects Map! What recent successes can we celebrate? What multi-benefit projects are underway that will help advance the state’s goal? 

We invite you to weave the following into your presentation: 

  • Justice, equity, and belonging with a focus on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color
  • Innovation and learning
  • Curiosity and joy

Please tell us about programs/projects that are already in progress or have been completed. No plans or ideas please. 

Your time is valuable to us. For participating in a showcase, you will receive:

  • A $50 speaker stipend 
  • Increased awareness about your work
  • Connections with peers around the region doing similar work
  • Your organization promoted on our website, emails, and social media
  • 5 minutes on the Zoom stage and 3 presentation slides at one of the showcases
  • Our never-ending appreciation

Proposals will be reviewed by the TOGETHER team, and final projects will be selected in order to include geographic representation, a diverse group of speakers, and a mix of nonprofits and public agencies.

Deadline for the application for the September showcase: 8/30

Who should attend Together Tuesdays? 
  • Current and potential TOGETHER Bay Area members 
  • Legislators and legislative staff
  • Students and researchers
  • Companies and consultants 
  • Private and public funding institutions and individual donors
  • You! 
Really? Five minute presentations? 

Yes, we want to give you short, digestable tastes of projects that our members are doing. We’ll expose you to some great work, and give you the information you need to follow up with each speaker, links with more information, and ways you can get involved. 

Will there be tacos?

Please bring your own. May we also recommend a drink that makes you happy, chips, and guacamole. 

Watch the 2021 Together Tuesdays showcases!