Membership Campaign 2020-2021

We invite your organization to renew your membership or join as a new member today.

You will be in good company. Since relaunching this organization in November 2019, 65 Tribes, nonprofits, and public agencies have become members. Since March 13 and the beginning of shelter-in-place, 16 or 25% of our current members have joined. Our coalition is large and diverse and growing. We’re stepping up and having an impact

We’re just getting started. See below for:

Thank you for taking care of the Bay Area’s human and non-human residents. We are grateful for the actions your organization is taking for climate resilient lands, people, and communities. Thank you for pushing for an equitable and just society. 

We’re in this together. Join us.

TOGETHER Bay Area Board and staff

Tim Ramirez, PresidentSan Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Natural Resources and Lands Management Division Manager

Laura Rodriguez, Vice President and Secretary – Youth Outside, Director of Programs

Noelle Chambers, Treasurer – Peninsula Open Space Trust, Vice President of Conservation

Ana Ruiz, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, General Manager

Andrea Mackenzie, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, General Manager

Annie Burke, TOGETHER Bay Area, Executive Director, ex-officio board member

Lisa Baldinger, East Bay Regional Park District, Legislative Analyst

Blanca Hernández, YES! Nature to Neighborhoods, Programs Director

Jose Setka, East Bay Municipal Utilities District, Environmental Affairs Officer 

Liz Westbrook, Bay Area Ridge Trail, Trail Director

Max Korten, Marin County Parks and Open Space District, General Manager


“I’m so glad to be a part of this community of people who care for each other.” 

~ One of our members


Renew or join today!

Memberships are renewed annually, usually in the fall. Renewing or joining is a two-step process. The first is to sign up here: 

The second step is to pay dues. See our 2020 dues levels here. See below for what your dues mean for this organization.

Dues can be paid online, via Quickbooks, via or by check. 

The IMPACT we’ve had so far

TOGETHER Bay Area has stepped up to connect, convene and catalyze change while our region has navigated the interrelated crises of COVID-19, economic recession, systemic racism and social inequities, and catastrophic wildfires. Our actions have been guided by our values. Since January 2020, we have:

  • Established our coalition as an important ally and powerful influencer in Sacramento.
  • Grew our membership to 64 members. 25% of our members have joined since the shelter-in-place orders on March 13. 
  • Catalyzed a significant increase in collaboration across organizations and jurisdictions by convening regular meetings on specific topics and with peers in similar roles.
  • Begun to center equity and inclusion on our Board of Directors, through our two programs (policy and convening), and within our operations.

Just some of the tangible examples of our work include:

“I continue to be amazed at the level of visibility and influence TOGETHER Bay Area has achieved in such a short time in Sacramento.

Because of the collaborative power of the members, the organization has really become a force.”

~ One of our members

The IMPACT we will make together

We are just getting started. Our top goal is to transform how we as a region build resilient lands and people in the face of climate change while working towards justice and equity. Our second goal is to build the relationships that support the environmental and social changes required for resilient lands and people. We’ll make that happen if you join us.

In the coming year we will:

  • Catalyze transformational change with supportive policies and by advocating for funding for our members’ work
  • Continue to build our region’s resilience to the 21st century challenges we face
  • Co-design our advocacy approach with our members for our work at the regional and state-wide levels
  • Hold our first Fall Forum on October 1-2 and a Spring Summit in May 2021.
  • Explore different funding mechanisms and vehicles that most effectively and efficiently deliver value to our members
  • Convene the right conversations with the right people at the right time

What your dues mean

Your dues mean that TOGETHER Bay Area exists. Without our members’ dues, we do not have the funding or mandate to lead our programs and coordinate this diverse and powerful coalition.

This is a membership-powered coalition. In October 2019 the Board approved a strategic and streamlined business plan that calls for membership dues to be the organization’s primary revenue source. This carefully considered business plan aligns our programs with our funding, and it enables our operations to be minimal for optimal impact. 

Tiered membership dues mean we can more effectively center equity in our work. We tier member dues based on operational budgets because the work we are doing demands the perspectives of members of all sizes. Our members contribute tangible, on the ground knowledge of how best to address inequities in their communities, and what access to nature and climate resilience looks like locally. For example, we amplify the voices of all of our members through our advocacy program which results in impacts for all members. Without increased support from our larger members, this would not be possible.

Member Benefits

  • Leveraging the impact of your organization by participating in a policy agenda that prioritizes equitable outcomes for the region.
  • Connecting with and learning from other members who have deep professional expertise in nature, people, and Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI).
  • One vote on policy platform/agenda at the annual Summit
  • Eligibility for representation on the organization’s Board of Directors
  • Eligibility to serve on the organization’s working groups and committees.
  • Listed on the organization’s website and other communications

Member Contributions

  • Annual dues
  • A commitment to regional collaboration
  • Attendance at the annual Summit to help set the organization’s policy platform/agenda
  • Meeting space for working groups (if appropriate) and/or hosting small meetings
  • Staff time, as appropriate, on working groups and to support governance and/or programs

Fiscal responsibility

We are serious about our responsibility to steward your membership dues, as well as your trust. The Board of Directors and Finance Committee are monitoring our financial health on a regular basis. We have established key performance indicators and a financial dashboard so we can make adjustments and decisions in a timely manner. And we have policies and procedures in place to safeguard the organization’s resources. 

Renew or join today!

We will be more impactful if your nonprofit, Tribe, or agency joins us as a member. Take the first step:

The second step is to pay dues. See our 2020 dues levels here. See below for what your dues mean for this organization.

Dues can be paid online, via Quickbooks, via or by check. 

Contact: Annie Burke, [email protected]